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His Hands Extended Sanctuary is a working animal care facility with the accent on "working". Since we care for so many animals with a small but efficient crew, all visits must be by appointment only.

Even though we love to spend time getting to know our supporters and sharing our facilites and animal family with them, doing this takes time away from the animals' care. An appointment allows us to have sufficient staff on hand to meet visitors' expectations of a tour and still get everything taken care of each day.

The Sanctuary also covers a lot of space and is outside, so come prepared to hike and be in the elements. Think of it as a Sanctuary Safari.

While we love every dog and cat here, there are some that, due to past interactions with uncaring humans, are not friendly, so a guide is necesasry to not have unpleasant experiences for our visitors or our dogs. The noise level 157 dogs can produce is sometimes too much for small children, so please know your children's noise tolerances before bringing them to visit. It is sometimes not a happy trip for little ones when they are surrounded with so much barking.

Do not ask to bring your dog or cat along to visit. Not only are we concerned about the health consequences of exposing strange animals to each other, exposure to this large of a pack, of which your dog is not a part, can be a very stressful experience for your pet. Although we love your dog, too, it will probably not be a pleasant trip for him or her.

Please - call for an appointment to let us share our mission with you and express how much we appreciate you being a part of our animal rescue family. Donations can be dropped off at the surgical clinic any day by appointment during the week and anytime from 9am to 2pm on the weekend.

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